Sunday, May 12, 2013

Any Dave Ramsey baby steppers out there?

I have only met a few people in person who are doing the baby steps.  It  always feels like you are kindred spirits. This person has the same ideals about life and money. They want to be debt free so they can give like no one else. That really is the ultimate goal in this whole thing.  My husband and I play this little game every once in a while called if you won the $100 million dollar lottery how would you spend it. The funny thing is we've never bought a lottery ticket in our lives so the chance of this happening is zero.

I would pay our house off.
Pay all our family members debt off.
Set aside chunks of money to fully fund our son's college along with all of our nephews.
I would buy my husband a motorcycle and a boat and myself a jeep wrangler(used of course).
I would put 3 million aside for retirement.
Then I would give 5 million to our church.
I would give the rest away. By my estimations that would leave around $90 million dollars to give away. How fun would that be?

My hope for this blog is that fellow baby steppers could meet here.(virtually) That this could be a community for baby steppers.  I would love to hear back from you. What step you are on, what are some ways you save money in order to be debt free? How would you spend $100 million dollars if given the chance?

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